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Ape - Kawaii Mushie Plushie

Ape - Kawaii Mushie Plushie

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We offer 4 single Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms isn’t easy for you? By having this mushroom plush toy set; you can have your own mushroom grown without worrying about contamination or letting it go too long. 

⭐️ We feature different fluffy mushroom plushies. Each set contains mushrooms with different face reactions and coloring  

⭐️ It’s a perfect gift for your pup, cat, or kid

⭐️ This is a limited edition item with only 500pc made, get yours before we run out of inventory.

⭐️ Ape plushies are in hand and ready to ship.

✔️ Handmade
✔️ Material: Soft plush
✔️ Category: Mushrooms Decor
✔️ Type of Mushrooms: Albino penis
✔️ 4 Different Face Reactions
✔️ 3 Color Variations


1. This cute toy is made of high-quality plush, which is super soft and comfortable.

2. Soft, cushioning and fluffy plush toy and décor set.

3. Can be squeezed-soft toy-easy for children to squeeze and restore the shape.

4. This soft toy has a charming design, shape and color.

5. The perfect gift-a very cute plush toy for your children, dog, cat and pets.

6. These Detachable mushrooms can be used as counting game for kids.



✅ white cap
✅ grey cap
✅ brown bbase 

**No refunds




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