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DIY Bunski 5 hole balaclava

DIY Bunski 5 hole balaclava

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You cut up masks and we noticed. Check out our DIY 5 hole Bunny ski mask in Black, White, Pink, Safety Green, Safety Pink made with supreme quality acrylic. The warm fabric makes this winter hat super soft and comfortable. So you can quickly wear it for a long time without any irritation . The other beneficial feature is that it is a unisex winter mask, suitable for every age group of people and any gender. There are holes in the eye and mouth, making the cover breathable and offering you clear visualization after wearing it. There are two bonus holes for your pigtails in the back top as well. Can be worn as a mask or rolled up and worn as a beanie. 


● Handmade product

● Material-best quality soft acrylic

● Unisex mask with long lasting life

● Breathable and nice fit

● Easily washable

● Ready to use



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