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Teal Dyed Close Knit White Bunski balaclava 1:1

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uniquely colored hand dyed masks 1:1

Another Bunny mask? We thought that some of you would want a non pink color and with full eye holes with no mouth hole. The material used to make this knit balaclava is one hundred percent acrylic. This version just has an eye hole so you can get away with wearing this as a germs free mask. The bunny ear ski mask comes in teal.

Look hard and cute at the same damn time.

Due to the stretchy fabric, this custom ski mask easily fits everyone and every age group of people. The washing and cleaning of the cover are super easy. You can wash it in the machine or by hand by using quality washing powder. So in addition to personal use it can be used for both male and female, you can also send this mask to your beloved one, girlfriend and boyfriend on their birthdays, Christmas and any other special event.


● Handmade product

● Fabric material - Acrylic

● Main color - White

● Design - Single eye hole style balaclava ski mask with bunny ears

● Breathable fabric comfortable to wear

● Use for outdoor activities

● Easily washable

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