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Plush Trap

Thick Wool Wii Mario Kart Rug

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Super Plush Handmade Tufting Gun rugs.

Enjoy a little nostalgia and bring yourself back to simpler days of no work or bills.

3ft x 3ft round. 14mm thick. Fire resistant. Stain resistant upgrade

Wool Wii Mario Kart rug.

The luxurious and well-designed Mario kart rug is available here. It gives you the feeling and touch of warmth, softness, and relaxation. You can place this Mario handmade rug anywhere where you want to add the gaming touch. It is a perfect kids' room decor accessory which creates love in your kid's minds and hearts with their room. The beneficial feature of this home decor rug is that it is made with quality natural fibers and colors. Moreover, the carpet is not slippery due to its high wend cotton backing. So your kids and others are safer while using the rug.

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